There was a time when television was used as an important form of communication. However, in the modern days, things have greatly changed, and the usage of television has moved beyond the horizons. It is has become one of the best forms of entertainment. However, this has not compromised the information factor. The use of television has become part and parcel of the modern life. Individuals of all age right from the young children to the old grandparents can use the television media. However, some people are yet to realize how close we have become as far as television is concerned.

People have become fully attached to this electronic gadget. You will find people watching right from the time they wake up early in the morning and even late in the evening before going to bed. Many people are dependent on the television as a source of information and entertainment. In fact, there are some people might skip their meals but they will never miss their favourite TV shows.

Influences real life

You will realize that most of the modern activities are guided by what people see in movies or series. The music industry has greatly influenced people’s lives. Most people will try to imitate the styles and lives of their favourite stars even without knowing how difficult this can be in reality. It can also influence the personality of many people right from dressing up to talking.

Peeking into celebrities’ lives

People will try to imitate the lives of their favourite stars. You will find such individuals trying to do nearly everything which is done by these stars. The use of television has helped in keeping the fans updated about the lives of their favourite artists or stars.

Loss of innocence

TVs will show both the bad and good things. Some children might not differentiate between the bad and good things. Such children will end up making some terrible mistakes as they try to imitate the scenes which they watch on the television. You will find such children saying some things and giving certain logics which prove that they are no longer innocent.


It has controlled the activities of young children

As a parent, it is your core duty to control your child’s activities. This means that whatever the children are watching on the television should be monitored. Children should only be allowed to watch certain programs which are educative in nature such as cartons and light comedy shows. These programs will help in keeping the innocence of young children intact.