Different Toys For Babies

In the market, there are presences of various toys for babies to be considered which make purchasing of them to be a challenging and expensive affair in the process. A parent should for the list of various toys in the market for various developmental stages for one to buy the best toys for babies. The following are examples of different toys for various age groups of a baby;

Zero to twelve months


The child can observe her or his surrounding in the first quarter. In this stage, the vision of the child is not very clear whereby toys which have bright, bold and well partner should be considered.  The toys should not consist of black and white patterns, but the colors on the toy must be contrasting to one another. The toy which engages other senses of the baby should be considered as he or she grows. A toy which produces crinkling or squeaking noise should be purchased since it aids in interaction to be promoted. At this stage, babies usually prefer mouth toys which support in relieving pain experienced when teeth are growing. Examples of top toys to be considered are rattles, floor gyms, unbreakable mirrors, fabric balls and so on.

One to two years

Most of the babies usually feel excited by the effect of toy produced he or she is playing with. A toy which involves a lot of hammer hitting is preferred by the majority of kids in this developmental stage. Toys which are highly advanced in technology can name a shape, a number or a letter when a button is pressed. In the process, he or she will have a lot of fun and excitement while playing the toy. Examples of toys to be considered are stacking rings, shape sorters, pull or push toys, stacking rings, puzzles consisting of five pieces and rubber ducks.

Two to three years


In the 2-3 years developmental stage, a child can play purposeful and has acquired the right skills of completing a puzzle. The pretend play is the most popular whereby he or she can imitate actions and character of the individuals surrounding him or her on a daily basis. Toys which generate sounds of real life situations and are highly advanced are preferred by kids in this developmental stage. A parent is advised to engage a child to a toy which he or she can commence using his or her both feet. Examples of the toys to be purchased are stuffed and doll animals, ride-on tricycles, props, construction toys and musical instruments.